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David reactions

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So you want to play with magic?
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Official Mistaken for Strangers movie poster designed by Matt Berninger

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Make me choose:  asked: Nine and Ten’s TARDIS interior, or Eleven’s (from season seven)?

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It is an army bred for a single purpose: to destroy the world of Men. They will be here by nightfall.
                         L e t   t h e m   c o m e .
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The Double-9 Lord (x)

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"why do fangirls always make them gay?"


Imagine being in a relationship in which you are treated like an equal, consciously and unconsciously, sexually, emotionally, socially, romantically, without being bound by gender expectations, without risk of pregnancy (or having your reproductive rights taken away from you), without feelings of inferiority, without being mistreated or neglected because men don’t understand your body and can’t be bothered to learn how to give you pleasure (or that you even deserve pleasure). Imagine having a reciprocating relationship with someone who knows how to touch you and how to talk to you, who will never abuse you or take away your consent. Imaging feeling powerful, safe, like the default rather than the specific or second-class. Imagine not requiring special handling by awkward, inconsiderate men who were never taught any better. Imagine being allowed to touch and enjoy and indulge without apprehension. Imagine being able to trust your partner. Imagine knowledge and understanding, someone who sees your depths and treats you the way you’d treat yourself if you hadn’t been told from birth that you weren’t worth it.

Girls aren’t “making them gay.”

Girls are fantasizing about being equal.

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chikun ead

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