David Tennant: At the same time, you’re also thinking, What’s he gonna look like? How’s that gonna feel?
Greg Doran: Does he have long hair?
David Tennant: Does he have long hair? [flips braid] Sometimes he does. Does he have gold fingernails? Is he that sort of a guy? Does he wear armor? Is he like the people around him? And we thought, no actually, he’s surrounded by big, gruff blokes in armor, but he chooses to have rather flighty hair and to paint his nails gold and so that says something about his character. And so all these things are hopefully contributing to the final picture.
Greg Doran: He’s constructing an image of kingship, in a way. In his final appearance at Flint Castle he does a really good job at making himself seem as kingly as it is possible to be. (from Richard II Q&A)