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hamsterfur replied to your post:

Ah, noo! I’m sorry.

It’s a shame I missed her, cause now I can only imagine her in the role and she would have been (probably is, in fact) sooooo great. I was completely ready to be wowed by Billie and start a new obsession. I guess I’ll try again when she does another play though. :)

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6 gifs per rtd episode: the unquiet dead (1.3)

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Went to see Great Britain. Billie was sick! Sad, sad. Jo Dockery (I’m assuming sister of Michelle, the similarity between the two is uncanny) took over the lead role and idk if it was the first time or not, but regardless she was very impressive. Really funny play, even though I did not catch half of the references. The ending was a bit abrupt and not entirely satisfying, but all in all very entertaining.

Aaaand then I managed to not findy key to my hostel’s front door. Sat down for like five minutes when a creepy dude tried to hit on me. Sheesh. (I’m inside on my bed now, so it all worked out in the end. Except that Grumpy McGrouchface manager does not like me very much atm. XD)

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Anonymous said:
Hi there! Spotted something on my dash and thought you'd like to know: tennantacular*tumblr*com/post/93195211280

Thanks for pointing that out, but if I cared about every reposted gif, I wouldn’t have any cares left to give to stuff that actually matters. :)

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6 gifs per rtd episode: the end of the world (1.2)

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Part 2 of the Intruders panel with John Simm 
(you can find part 1 here)

The screenshots are taken by me, but please, feel free to use them for a edit or whatever :)

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Some asshole cat keeps attacking one of my kittehs, and he (the kitteh that is) keeps returning home with wounds in his neck.

Not even remotely amused. :(