You know when really awful things transition from being just ideas to Real Things? It’s so weird that our brains just aren’t wired to grasp certain concepts and when the chance of them happening increases from “happens to other people” to “happens to us” wow that is so weird. My emotions feel the change, but my brain is like lolnope lalala can’t hear youuuuu.

group work though


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Yes to all of this. The music is probably the most disappointing thing in Gracepoint. Music is instrumental (pun intended) for the tone and emotion of the show. I hope the music improves during the series, because it can make or break the series.

Yes, this is so true. Broadchurch does an amazing job with setting the tone through the combination of the score and those slow-mo scenic shots. Now that I think about it, I don’t think Gracepoint has those kind of artsy shots that are just there to establish the mood, that aren’t necessarily relevant to the plot. Both shows have a very different feel about them, anyway.

I think my biggest problem with the score is, apart from it not being my boy Ólafur’s, is that it doesn’t really have a presence to it. It’s there, but only barely. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll get better though.

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  • How was Gracepoint?
  • Overall I quite liked it! The first episode was pretty much a 1:1 copy of Broadchurch though. Since we’re getting 10 (slightly shorter) episodes of Gracepoint instead of the original 8 I hope we’ll also get some new things later on. I don’t expect it to be better than the original, so in that sense I don’t have any expectations. But basically so far so good.

    Good bits: Davids voice is somehow better (read: sexier)?? His American accent is also fine, and of course there’s bonus grump and snark. ANNA GUNN IS GREAT. I think maybe her Ellie is the thing that most changed in this version.

    Bad bits: some of the supporting cast are kinda wooden, and some casting choices are very meh. Also there’s no Ólafur Arnalds score (that was my absolute favourite n. 1 thing about the original series tbh), and I don’t like the new one as much.