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David Tennant, Kelly Reilly and Alexandra Moen in Look Back in Anger at the Edinburgh Royal Lyceum in 2005. Part 2 of x.

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Clever Boat Names [via]

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John Simm is shy and good-looking.

Also he was born everywhere.

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, 26.05.2006

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Katie Bradley aka MossyTortoise (previously featured here) likes to crochet and care for animals so much that she branched out from making her already awesome tortoise cozies to create this unbelievably cute snail cozy:

"One of my clients asked me to crochet a tiny lacy stegosaurus cozy for her baby tortoise, which happens to be the same size as our baby marginated tortoise, Buttercup. I had a little bit of the yarn left over… and so, not wanting to waste it, I made a snail cozy!”

With such adorable matching cozies, we’re hoping that the snail and Buttercup are headed for snug yet fashionable adventures. Or at least a really cute nap.

Visit Katie’s MossyTortoise shop to check out more of her delightful handmade creations.

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Note: there was no music in the video for him to dance to.

It’s like he’s on actor’s high or something.. :p Dammit, he’s sexy and he knows it!


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what a mystery this world, one day you love them and the next day you want to kill them a thousand times over.

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