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well, i can’t play any instrument, but found that music notebook. 

decided to turn it into richardiibook.

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Some things never change.

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I keep this blog focused on my art and animation work, but just this once, I’m going to go on a slight tangent to talk about how uncommonly kind Peter Capaldi is.

Backstory brief: Last year longtime fan f***yespetercapaldi (speaking of uncommonly kind) spearheaded a Twelfth Doctor fanart/letter/photo collab on Tumblr and compiled all the contributions into a scrapbook, which she mailed to PCap for Christmas. More recently, he responded and those of us who contributed found ourselves receiving painted and autographed postcards like mine shown above.

Now, he could have drawn one picture, made photocopies for everyone and signed those and we would have been THRILLED. He didn’t do that.

He drew and painted this design multiple times by hand. He made sure each person had an individual, personally made piece. For a bunch of artists who know how much time and effort goes into our own art, it’s incredibly touching and unexpected. (And for me, he wrote both the worst and best thing he could have written, because drawing is hard but it’s worth keeping at it.)

Point is, Peter Capaldi is not just taking on his dream role; he’s aware that he’s just inherited a huge worldwide fanbase, and is trying his very hardest to do right by them. It’s a masterclass in class, so shoutout to the Doctor, for being the Doctor for us, before series 8 has even aired.

And now I have to keep drawing, dammit. Doctor’s orders.

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guess who forgot to renew her domain name? :’)

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this is the same person

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Jaime fuckin’ Lannister

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shakespearean sass

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O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!

You, sir, have just won all the awards ever.

Holy fuck. This is…holy fuck. The most believable performance I have ever..I mean..fuck.

Time to reblog this. Also, yes to the preceding comment. I’ve seen about a dozen Hamlets and John’s was the most believable ever and slkfhaslfkha HOW DOES HE FUCKING DO THIS?

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