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David Tennant: Photos by Ellis Parrinder

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David Tennant in Much Ado About Nothing

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Make me choose: David Tennant in Broadchurch or Single Father

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Credit Ellis Parrinder via @ellisparrinder on Twitter

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David Tennant in the new Gracepoint Trailer (x)

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Title: UnknownWe Go Together
Artist: UnknownCatherine Tate, David Tennant
Album: UnknownMuch Ado About Nothing (OLCR)
Played: 3615 times



Catherine: How long is this going to take?
David: Here we go!
Catherine: Don’t make me do this!
David: Oh you’re going to love it!
We’re like a branch and its vine…
Catherine: Like a drunk and his wine.
David: Like the leaves in the breeze!
Catherine: Fatty food and disease…
David: And like a sheep and a lamb!
Catherine: Like a pig in a ham!
David: We go together…
Catherine: I can’t go now… can I? Just…
David: Just like Shakespeare and verse…
Catherine: Like a corpse and a hearse!
David: Like a song and a dance —
Catherine: Like the English and France.
David: Like a Persian and rugs…
Catherine: Like a headache and drugs!
Together: We go together, you and I.
David: We go together like the news and the weather,
We fit like hand in glove!
Catherine: For now and forever…
David: Just like birds of a feather we’ll fly so high above
We stick together like the earth and the sun
Catherine: Like a dentist and fun…
David: We go like honey and bees!
Catherine: Like a mould on a cheese!
David: And like a bird in its nest…
Catherine: Like a clown and depressed!
Together: We go together, you and I!
David: Wait for it, wait for it!
[Horn solo begins.]
Catherine: What. Was. That?
David: That was me, playing with my old horn!
Catherine: Oh, shouldn’t you wait ‘til I’ve gone?
David: Awwww, it feels so good to hold it again!
Catherine: Well, you’ve not had it out in ages.
David: Do you want a go on it?
Catherine: I’m not putting that in my mouth!
We go together and we know that whatever we’re stuck like nails and glue!
David: There’s nothing can sever such a well-made endeavour as me…
Catherine: And me!
David: And you!
Catherine: I guess it’s true - we’re like a yawn and a dream…
David: Like a cherry on cream!
Catherine: Like the wind in a kite…
David: Now you’ve got it, alright!
Catherine: We’re like a parent and child!
David: Like a — sorry, what?!
Catherine: We go together, you and I!
David: You and me!
Catherine: We go together, me and you!
David: That’s right, we do!
Together: We go together… you and I!
David: Awwww, see, I told you you’d enjoy yourself!
Catherine: Yeah! Smaller than I thought though.
David: You still talking about my horn? 
Catherine: Yup!

WE GO TOGETHER, Catherine Tate & David Tennant
(Much Ado About Nothing OLCR)

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David Tennant touching himself. 
    ↳ Broadchurch Edition (more)